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SIMS Learning Gateway (SLG)

1. What is it?

For parents and guardians new to Falinge Park High School we have SIMS Learning Gateway (SLG) which allows you to see your daughter’s/son’s attendance and to receive information regarding their progress. All reports and tracking reviews will also be available through the SLG.  You will have already received information about registering for access to the SLG and this booklet should be issued when you receive your user name and password.  When receiving your user name and password you will have been asked to sign the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for SLG.

2. How To Access

You can access to the SLG from either of the following:

  1. Services page
  2. The button at the bottom of the page

3. Useful Docs

  1. FPHS SLG Guide for Parents
  2. FPHS SLG Acceptable Use Policy