Time Capsule Contents & Assembly Recording, Greenhill Senior High June 12th 1966

During building work being undertaken at Falinge Park High School a Time Capsule was discovered buried in a wall behind a plaque.

Three students were chosen to remove the Time Capsule and see what it contained.

The capsule had been cemented into the wall. At the time the school was called Greenhill Senior High School and was an all-girls school. The Head Mistress was Miss O. E. Lovegrove, MA Oxon.

The lead capsule contained several items including a Speech Day programme, some coins from 1966 (pre-decimal), a school badge, half a dozen transparencies and a reel-to-reel tape recording of school prayers made on the morning 12th June, 1966.

‘Morning Prayers’ recording discovered:

Unfortunately, the quality is not brilliant when hymns are being sung accompanied by the piano, however, the spoken sections are very clear.


If you have any memories of Greenhill Senior High School at that time, we would be grateful if you would share them with us so that we can add them to our archive.

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