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‘Arts For All’ Parents and Families Events 2017-18

We are delighted to offer students, parents and families the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops and practical sessions in the Creative, Expressive and Performing Arts through the year. These hands-on, fun events offer families the chance to learn new skills and techniques alongside out students and have a chat to staff about creative learning in general. Sessions are entirely free of charge and are offered on a first come, first served basis. You will find here an outline of our offer this year and after half term families will receive copies of an invitation letter so that you can confirm your attendance at some or all of the sessions if you wish. We hope you can come along and join us following the great success of last year’s ‘Arts for All’ workshops. All sessions will be held after school on a Thursday or a Friday evening. For more details, please contact Mr De Courcey.

AfA Offer 2017-18 Outline

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