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‘Arts For All’ Summer Term Family and Parent Taster Workshops

We are delighted to be in a position to be able to offer families and parents the opportunity to attend three new free taster sessions in the Summer term and building on the success of the two Art Photography and Music Technology workshops, we have the pleasure in announcing sessions in visual arts and creative writing. Please find the flyer with the dates and times here. If you would like to attend one of the sessions, please print off the attached letter and return it to school as soon as you can. Please note that places are limited for each session and we reserve the right to cancel a session if the unforeseen need arises. For more details about the workshops, please contact Mr De Courcey directly in school.

‘Arts for All’ Parent Invite Letter Summer 2017

Here’s what families thought about our ‘Arts for All’ Sessions this term!

  • I enjoyed everything!
  • I really enjoyed this session
  • I have learnt a lot about photography and I feel more confident
  • I have learnt about leading lines and the rule of thirds
  • I have learnt about aperture, depth of field and composition. I enjoyed it all.
  • I will be using what I have learnt when I go on holiday!
  • I’m looking forward to the next one; it’s great that it’s ‘hand on’!
  • I enjoyed making an amazing Mixcraft composition
  • I arrived a little late but able to catch up; great in a small group!
  • I enjoyed this session and it helped me with my musical skills on the computers
  • It is a great chance to see what is used in school.
  • It was very good and informative to a parent who knows very little about computers!
  • I have learnt a lot about music and sounds. I wanted a longer session!
  • I have learnt about editing photos
  • I have learnt how to take a picture with a blurry background
  • I have learnt how to take sharp and focused photos
  • I have learnt how to use a professional camera (using apertures)
  • I have learnt how to change the settings on a digital camera and not just to keep it on ‘Auto’!
  • I enjoyed being able to take a good picture
  • I enjoyed being able to use a camera and using the software
  • I enjoyed understanding about depth of field
  • I enjoyed learning about how to edit images and use the cameras
  • I enjoyed playing with images to improve them
  • It was all great and enjoyable!

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