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Bangladesh Blog: Day 2

Today we visited Hazi Radhid High School for the first time. We had an amazing welcome from the children and staff, petals were thrown on us from students as symbol of friendship and to wish us good luck. We handed out our pens to each class and introduced ourselves. Some classes have up to 100 students in them and they sit in rows of 3 to 5. Today the students were looking at Jasmin Uddin, a famous Bengali poet who wrote ‘Amar Bari‘, (My Village), in their Bengal class where the teacher was explaining using a mind map about the life of the poet . During their English class they were exploring Nakshi Kanthar, which one learner told us were “artistic embroidered quilt designs that were extremely beautiful made in rural Bangladesh“. Jasmin Uddin also wrote ‘Natshi Kanthar Math’ (The Field of Embroidered Quilts). We looked at lessons where the children were exploring their cultural heritage, it was extremely interesting learning about the different textiles and where they had come from.

In a maths class the students were solving algebraic equations with two variables. A learner was demonstrating her answer on the board to the class.

We had lunch with the head teacher which had been cooked by local families and brought into school for us, as there is no school canteen, so students and staff have to bring their own. Lunch was delicious and we enjoyed eating new foods.

Next we were lucky enough to have a show from the scout group as they are a part of the school and their leader is a classroom teacher. They recited religious sayings and songs from Islam and Hinduism. They were able to recite many different sayings and we were impressive with their knowledge. They had been practicing their marching throughout the day and looked extremely smart.

As they left the meeting after school they were each presented with a sweet to take away with them for working so hard. We are extremely excited for tomorrow when we will be teaching a lesson! However, we have just experienced our first city wide power cut – it only lasted 30 seconds though!

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