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Bangladesh Blog: Day 3

We have had another amazing day at Hazi Rashid High School in Sylhet. We were welcomed once again with a flank of students on either side, and a balloon archway with flowers presented. The students were all happy and at school early waiting for our arrival for the cultural day that they had prepared.

We have learnt a lot about their school life at Hazi Rashid High School and how it can sometimes differ from our own. The students sit on rows of benches and tables packed very tightly in a room. They have up to 100 students in a class at any one time, they do not move around the building at change of lesson – instead the teacher moves. There is no computer access in the classrooms and there is no Wi-Fi! Students are expected to bring their own equipment to class, including exercise books. The students also have to make sure that they have completed more than 4 hours of homework each night!

We taught a year 10 class today where we were looking at food sustainability and getting the students to complete a questioning activity. They were very good and asked many interesting questions. They worked very well in their groups and gave excellent feedback.

At lunch we were provided with food that had been prepared by a variety of the students at home. It was delicious and we particularly liked the Payes.

After lunch we were treated to our cultural day performances by the children. They were amazing! Such talented and creative young people who thoroughly entertained us all day. We were treated so well again today when we were made a shelter from bamboo with our banner with names on it. We sat underneath here in the shade with local dignitaries to watch the students perform songs, dance and plays. The students performed a variety of traditional and modern dance. They also entertained us with the story of the snake charmer. It was wonderful, so excited for tomorrow!

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