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Bangladesh Blog: Day 4

Today we visited Leading University, Sylhet, which has links with Hazi Rashid High School. The University has many different courses and is in the process of constructing a new building. We were very honoured and privileged to be invited to an art exhibition which had been arranged by the university students in order to raise money for an orphan school to which they provide support. The artwork was submitted by many children in the Sylhet district of Bangladesh and we were so impressed at the efforts made that we have one to display in FPHS upon our return.

We then returned to Hazi Rashid High School where we delivered a lesson to class 9. The lesson was looking at Critical Thinking and Questioning around the topic of Food Security. The children really enjoyed the questioning activities and then participated in a dance class outside with us. The children performed a series of movements around key words about the topic. They really enjoyed the outdoor activity, so much so that others from the school also joined in.

We were then served a delicious lunch by the students with a variety of different dishes prepared from home. We felt honoured that the students wanted to prepare such a banquet for us, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

In the afternoon we were treated to some traditional games enjoyed by the children from pass the pillow to cock fighting. The students were very competitive, and it was very exciting to watch.
We are visiting many cultural sites tomorrow as it is Friday and the school is closed, but we are excited to visit the school again for our final day on Saturday, when the children will be back in school.

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