Bangladesh Blog Day 5

Today is the final day for Headteacher Mr Hussain Shah and Senior teacher Mr Imran Ali from Hazi Rashid High School in Sylhet, Bangladesh at Falinge Park. It has been a busy week but they have really enjoyed their time here at out school and we hope that we enjoy our partnership for many years to come. This morning we visited Mr Mir’s Urdu class where the year 7’s were learning the grammar involved when joining letters together. It was great to see the class explaining what they were doing and practising their writing. Ms Frankish attempted to write a sentence but definitely needs more practise!

Next our visitors went to Science with year 8 where Mr Ayr’s class were conducting a practical investigation as to why we sweat. The class had 2 bottles with hot water in, one wrapped in wet paper and one dry. They measured to see which cooled the quickest. Our visitors were very impressed with the independence shown by the learners that they worked in groups effectively and could explain everything that they were doing. The pupils demonstrated a keen and clear knowledge of Science which was a pleasure to see.

Mr Miah escorted Headteacher Mr Hussain Shah and Senior teacher Mr Imran Ali to the Jalalia Mosque to participate in Friday prayers whilst the Ambassadors helped to prepare for the celebration event.

The Celebration Event

The Heart Space had been wonderfully decorated by the Pupil Leadership Programme (PLP), organised by Mr Miah, with bunting consisting of the UK & Bangladesh flags. It was a beautiful sight and made the Heart Space look really special. Flags had also been set out onto tables and it was wonderful to see so many local dignitaries, families and pupils in attendance to celebrate this special partnership. The PLP assisted in helping guests to their seats and helping with refreshments along with the Ambassadors who assisted in helping with translations and ensuring that the evening ran smoothly. Mrs Wystawnoha & Miss Frankish both wore the sari’s that were given as gifts from the visit to Bangladesh last year.

The event was started with a group of pupils singing the Bangladesh National Anthem whilst our guests enjoyed a selection of delicious food supplied by Medina Catering. We were treated to speeches from the Mayor of Rochdale who shared the joy and enthusiasm that the Connecting Classrooms visit had generated. Pupils shared with us traditional dance from Nepal and also a piece from their GCSE work, both of which were amazing. We had music provided by local sensation ‘Bonafide’  who managed to get lots of people up dancing, including our Headteacher Ms Allen. Finally we announced the winners of the international quiz which had been running throughout the event, who received Easter Eggs .

Finally we presented the plaque and gifts to Headteacher Mr Hussain Shah and Senior teacher Mr Imran Ali, who gave a speech to give thanks for the special week of events that they had experienced and how they are looking forward to working with us in the future.

It has been a fantastic week and we are looking forward to working on the Connecting Classrooms Programme with Hazi Rashid Ali High School in the future to further develop the collaboration between our two schools further.

We wish our visitors a safe journey home and look forward to our future visits. Until next time…

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