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Bangladesh Blog: Day 5

Today we experienced a cultural tour of the city and visited a variety of wonderful places. We went on the tour today as Hazi Rashid High school was closed for its weekend day.

We started with a tour of the university of science and technology which was interesting to see how many students were on campus even though they had a day off , it shows their dedication to their studies . Whilst there we were surprised to see so many animals wandering through the green fields around each building.

Next, we visited the tea garden plantation which is the largest in Sylhet and also owned by the founder of Hazi Rashid High School. We were extremely honoured and privileged to be allowed access to the gardens as it was closed to the public but as we were visitors from the school we were able to go in. The tea is grown up the side of hills and is picked by hand. We were lucky enough to have 2 tea pickers with us who showed us how it is done. Only the little young leaves are picked for tea. We have had many cups of delicious tea which has been picked from this area. They pick the tea extremely quickly and make it look easy – but it isn’t!

We were reminded of Rochdale whilst in the tea plantation as it rained on us due to how high up we were.

In the afternoon we treated to a visit to the Sylhet international cricket ground where the ladies of Chittagong were playing a match. We were allowed to sneak into the presidential suite and to sit in the comfy chairs – ssshh! Don’t tell anyone! It was amazing to see such a huge cricket ground in the middle of the green tea plantation – they even grow pineapples there!

Finally, we visited a park up high on a hill to see the monkeys, they were very tame and friendly which we were glad of.

We have one day left in Sylhet tomorrow where we will visit Hazi Rashid High School for the last time on this visit. We will be very sad to leave as we have been treated like royalty and feel like we have made life-long friends.

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