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Bangladesh Blog: Final Day

With regret today was our final day in the fantastic Hazi Rashid High School, we were so sorry to say our last goodbyes. Today is a half day and so school does not start until 11am and as such we decided that we would spend our last day buying gifts for the students in order to express our gratitude in the warm welcome we have received . We went to Fulkoli and bought the children a sweet each – we also bought the staff one each too. It was extremely interesting to see what sweets are on display to buy and how many of them that they make. We had bought over 500 sweets today and we didn’t have to order them, the shop had many more to replace the ones we bought. We were both excited to have bought such a traditional gift for the students.

When we arrived at school we went to visit the Head teacher Mr. Ramjan Ali who allowed us to share with you some of the important pictures that he has hanging in his room. Above his desk he has large photographs of the founder of school Mr. Rahgib Ali , Sheikh Mojibur Rahman, the founder of Bangladesh, his daughter Sheikh Hasina Prime Minister of Bangladesh and finally Mr. Hazi Rashid Ali who the school is named after . These people are held in high regard by the school.

We then went and taught our lesson to the wonderful Class 9. As you can see in the pictures there are approx. 90 girls in the class who were all ready and eager to learn. It was an English lesson where we were looking at what food is good for you. There had been a power cut in Kamal Bazar, the area where the school was, so unfortunately we were unable to show the film of FPHS that shows all of the different subjects that we teach. Each student has a text book for each subject that they study which is provided for them by the government. This was fantastic because it meant that each student has the work in class and also to take home to practice any work that they might want to do.

We started our lesson by warming up the key words which are found at the start of each lesson in the book. and we decided to do a match up of the words with pictures and then to make these words into actions. Mrs Wystawnoha was very dramatic with her actions which the children thoroughly enjoyed. They were able to mimic the words and actions without prompts. Next we tackled a guided read where Ms Frankish modelled the reading of the key words in the text and asked questions to the students. Students then answered multiple choice questions using thumbs up and thumb down. This was lots of fun and we all laughed together. The students then completed a talking task to explore why some people may need different amounts of food. We completed a demonstration at the front of the class with some willing volunteers. Students came up to the front to write their answers on the board. They were very proud to do this and their answers were correctly taken from the text.

Students completed an exercise from the textbook where they had to complete the words at the end of the sentence. During this time the students tried to ensure that they had included key words. When they finished this task they had a challenge to complete. Mrs Wystawnoha lead this part of the lesson whilst Ms Frankish marked the work completed and checked the spelling. Many students completed the challenge activity. We then distributed our sweets at the end of the lesson. The students told us they enjoyed our lesson which made us feel so happy and proud.

We were next treated to a tour of the Scout Room where Mr. Abdul Hye, District Scout Leader’s, office is. He is an amazing teacher who lives by the scout moto of ‘do a good turn daily’, he has been so kind and helpful during our visit that we will miss him greatly and we must also thank him for our gifts, always so thoughtful.

We left our lesson to go and give out gifts to the staff, we had bought some traditional gifts that are made by rural artisans in Bangladesh. The staff were happy to receive them and told us that they would remember us fondly. Mr. Ramjan Ali, Head teacher, was very happy to receive his gift just before we enjoyed another spectacular lunch which was presented by the students. After lunch we were presented with a plaque to consolidate our partnership and lifelong friendship through Connecting Classrooms. We were honored today to have Mr. Pabon Malo with us from the British Council office in Sylhet. He was our guide this week ensuring the partnership has run smoothly. His knowledge of the area and of Bangladesh has been greatly appreciated as he always had an answer for our question.

We were then given a traditional female outfit worn by the women of Bangladesh, a Sari. We had fun with the female teachers who fitted them to us. The cloth is exceptional as it is made of silk and has the colours of FPHS in them. Many of the students and staff wanted to have pictures with us, even the police chief Mr. Pharel! We felt so honored to wear them and extremely proud that they were a gift to us. We were so proud that we even wore then all of the way home to Manchester.

We have had an amazing week and we feel blessed to have visited such a fantastic school. We are very sorry to leave and we are already looking forward to our return visit, hoping that FPHS can also be host to the staff as part of the Connecting Classroom programme.

We are grateful to have shared this experience together and feel privileged to have made such wonderful friends. Until next time………………

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