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Barcelona Trip

Parents/carers of pupils going on the Barcelona trip are invited to attend a meeting in the school’s heart space on Thursday 14th September at 5pm. During the meeting we will be giving you final details about the itinerary and it will give you the opportunity to ask the staff members going on the trip any questions. We will also be using this opportunity to collect in the following things from you:


●        Passport (valid for the duration of your child’s stay).

●        European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). If you do not have a EHIC card for your child, these are available for free at https://www.ehic.org.uk. Be aware that there are many websites that will charge you for these cards, which should be free of charge to members of the European Union.

●        Spending money. Your child’s accommodation, meals and activities are all included in the cost of the trip, however they may need money for meals on the outward and return journeys and for any gifts or souvenirs. We ask that pupils bring a maximum of 150€ and £30.

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