Falinge Park High School

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Positive Steps

Positive Steps

In addition to providing an in-house careers advisory and support service, our Positive Steps Advisor also extends their service to post Falinge Park High School students by:

  1. Providing extended support to students during the transition from Year 11 into training, employment or further education in an effort to reduce the number of students falling into the NEET category.
  2. Providing a job vacancy matching service.
  3. Take intensive support clients to Entry to Employment to commence immediately after Year 11 and bridge the gap to further education.
  4. Follow up on all Year 11 and 12 college leavers and collate information on destinations of those students.
  5. Carry out home visits to former students not engaged in employment, education or training.

February report:

Year 12 NEET:
Falinge Park                        1.6%                      4 students
Borough                               3.6%                      87 students

Year 13 NEET:
Falinge Park                        2.9%                      7 students
Borough                               4%                         100 students

Year 12 + Year 13
Falinge Park                        2.2%                      11 students
Borough                               3.8%                      187 students