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Coliseum Theatre Backstage Tour 28.03.18 – CDDIR 2018

On the final day of the CDDIR Project- Year 7 pupils attended a backstage tour led by the Coliseum’s Learning and Engagement Officer, Sarah Eastaff. The pupils attended a workshop which explored career opportunities in the theatre industry. They also discussed the process of theatre production; ‘from script to stage’. Pupils looked at set design, costume design, lighting, sound and technicians’ roles. Sarah was able to demonstrate her role as a stage manager and pupils took a tour of the back stage.

It lovely nice that Tom Cockeram (our Digital Designer in Residence) attended and was there to lend a hand and complement how digital platforms can be used in theatre. Finally they had a go at costume design using only paper and sellotape on a mannequin!

It was a highly compelling experience where they got to learn how the theatre industry works and how co-creativity can enhance an artistic product.

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