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Comino School

Comino School

We are proud to be supported by the Comino Foundation one of only four schools in the North West. Through our work with them we are able to enrich our curriculum experience and provide opportunities in the creative, digital and manufacturing industries.

Examples of some of our partnership work includes:

  • Part of I am Creative with The Ideas Foundation – we have pitched ideas to Odeon marketing executives and Britvic marketing executives.
  • Summer schools at the prestigious McCanns and BJL Advertising Agencies
  • Partnership work with RSA which recently saw us win a national RSA Design Award
  • An EED.Net school with staff publishing research which is shared internationally.
  • Digital Designers in Residence – we work with Postgraduates from Manchester Metropolitan University School of Art and Design to support pupils in thinking creatively with different materials. So far we have taken a piece of code and turned it into a piece of Art; worked with a designer on transforming rivers and canals and producing a piece of Art work from the findings in the canals; worked with a designer and Macclesfield Silk Museum to manipulate a wide range of materials.
  • IBM Summer Schools
  • RECALL project – working with experts on developing spoken language and recall for the AQA English anthology.
  • A new partnership with Bletchley Park with our pupils visiting Bletchley Park and the Enigma machine coming to visit us!
  • Tinkology – staff working with experts at SEERIH, University of Manchester on all aspects of STEM and bringing the expertise back into school to share widely.
  • Visits from scientists at the University of Manchester to work with pupils on programming.
  • We also opened Manchester City of Science with a dance developed with astro-physicists from Cambridge University on the life of stars!

  • Digital Designer in Residence – we have taken computer code and manipulated it into pieces of Art Work.
  • Speaking for Ourselves – a collaborative project based on British Values with two other secondary schools.
  • Computer Science development in partnership with the Science and Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub at the University of Manchester. We are currently developing a Robot orchestra based on drone technology
  • Presentations to the Royal Academy of Engineering on our STEM work.
  • An EED.Net school.
  • Summer schools with McCanns and BJL advertising agencies.
  • Part of the inaugural opening of Manchester European City of Science.
  • Involvement in IBM Computer Science summer schools.