Crosby & Tate Liverpool Visit

A small group of Year 7 students visited Crosby Beach and Tate Liverpool on Monday 21st May in order to engage in a series of Arts Award activities. The activities were inspired by the sculptures of Antony Gormley and paintings of Roy Lichtenstein. Throughout the day students were challenged to complete an Arts Award Log Book and create pieces of art inspired by their observations. At Crosby Beach learners engaged in performance art activities and collaborative sculptural challenges in response to the word ‘solitude’. At Tate Liverpool the group developed their understanding of both Pop Art and Cubism before applying this to the creation of abstract monoprints that combined both these genres. Well done to all the students involved, they worked with enthusiasm and focus throughout the day. Their next step is to share and celebrate their findings and creativity with others in an exhibition. For more details contact Ms Fenton, Mr De Courcey or the CEPA team.

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