Curriculum and Assessment at Falinge Park

We have worked incredibly hard at Falinge on defining our curriculum. This work began in 2015 and has been strengthened through being evidence enriched and designed collaboratively. We define the curriculum in three ways:

The intended curriculum – national or local curriculum
The achieved curriculum – the substance of the school’s vision, subject and year group mapping
The real curriculum – the lived daily experience of young people

We see the curriculum from the moment a child gets up in the morning and puts on their uniform. It is the way they arrive at school, the interactions they have with others on their way, if they demonstrate the learning behaviours in their interactions with others, their curiosity and responsibility in lessons, the positive actions they take both in the classroom and outside. The curriculum is the cornerstone of the school; it is the heart and soul.

For it to work it has to be carefully designed and evaluated carefully.

Our curriculum policy and our assessment policy* is attached below.

*Following the GCSE grading of 2021, we are updating our assessment policy so that it reflects what we want to keep, discard, amplify and create from the learning provided to us by the GCSE grading. This will be in place for September 2021

Each subject has its own big aims of the curriculum and sets out the acquisition of knowledge and application of subject specific skills that is relevant to each subject. You can see here the information for each subject.