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KS4 Student Remote Learning

Google Classroom – Timetabled Curriculum 

Students will be expected to log on to Google Classroom and engage with remote learning lessons during the first two weeks in line with their phased return. Live learning lessons will take place at the same time as identified on their school timetable.

Students must also log on at 8:25am to attend their virtual tutor time.

Google Drive and Google Classroom can be downloaded as an app from most app stores, you must ensure you sign in with your school email address and password (e.g 10000@falingepark.com)

Students can access their Google Classroom through the following links:

Google Classroom Google Classroom User Guide

Troubleshooting before you start

  • Make sure that you are not logged into Google using a personal account but are logged in through your school account using your Falinge Park Username (12345@falingepark.com) and password.
  • You need to use Google Chrome as your web browser as Google Classroom and Google Meet will not run through Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Students who are self-isolating

Students who are self-isolating are expected to receive and engage in a full curriculum.

If a full student bubble are instructed to self-isolate, students will be expected to engage in their lessons and tutorial time from home. Lessons will be delivered via Google Classroom and Google Meet following their normal student timetable except for those days identified for remote learning, where students will follow the Maths, English and Science timetable. If they do not the school will follow this up in line with our attendance monitoring process.

For individual students who are self-isolating

On the days identified for students to complete remote learning they will be expected to engage in their online tutor time, lessons and examination practice for Maths, English and Science as they would do if they were not self-isolating.

On the days identified for students to be in school their class teacher will send them work via Google Classroom inline with the learning that is taking place in class. They will be expected to complete this from home.

Students will be sent a ‘Meet’ link by their tutors everyday and will be expected to attend the virtual tutorial. If they do not the school will follow this up in line with our attendance monitoring process.

Additional Curriculum Support

The School are currently working on an additional bank of lessons and resources which will be made available soon through this website page. In the meantime please click on the following buttons to access additional learning from the National Oak Academy. You can either access this by learning that is being provided on a day to day basis or you/your child can access appropriate learning by subject.

Please complete the learning provided by your teachers first as this will follow your Falinge Park Curriculum. 

Furthermore, Y11 students can additionally access the already dedicated revision support page that can be found here.

Thank you for your patience, co-operation and support during this time.

If you are having problems accessing the above KS4 Curriculum work – please use the following link for Microsoft Office 365 Education. Use your school email address to authenticate and download Microsoft Office to your computer of device.

Microsoft Office 365 Education

You can also use your school email address to give you access to the web version of Microsoft Office.