Falinge Park High School

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Access & Achievement

Ms J Turrell – Head of Access & Achievement

“Every child is unique with their own strengths and talents.”

Compelling Learning in Access & Achievement

At Falinge Park High School compelling learning applies to all forms of learning not just academic. It also involves pupils’ personal, social and emotional development and we regard every opportunity as an opportunity to learn. Any pupil may face a barrier to their learning at some point in their education and this may be long- or short-term. The Access and Achievement Faculty comprises teams of mentors and teaching assistants who support pupils of all abilities to develop in confidence and independence. Child-centred planning is at the heart of all we do and the focus is always on the outcomes (what we want the child to achieve) before considering the support which is required. We always aim to involve pupils and parents in the planning process.


Working together with all staff, outside agencies and in close collaboration with pupils and their families, we provide support which is additional to and different from what all children are entitled to at FPHS.

Provision enhances pupils’ ability to access the wider curriculum through:

  • Support in classrooms
  • Support at breaks and lunchtimes, including supervision and the provision of safe havens
  • Individual and group interventions to address a range of identified needs eg. literacy, numeracy, communication, emotional, social and life skills
  • Study support
  • Access arrangements
  • Counselling
  • Support with specialised equipment and resources including assistive technologies.

The Access and Achievement department offers:

  • Support before and after school
  • Homework and study clubs
  • Exam revision sessions
  • Trips
  • Playground to Podium sporting events
  • Encouragement and support to access all the extra-curricular opportunities on offer at school