Miss M Kowalski – SENDCO & Ms J Turrell – Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)

Compelling Learning for Pupils with SEND

At Falinge Park High School compelling learning applies to all forms of learning not just academic. It also involves pupils’ personal, social and emotional development and we regard every opportunity as an opportunity to learn. Any pupil may face a barrier to their learning at some point in their education and this may be long- or short-term. The SEND Team comprises teachers and teaching assistants who support pupils of all abilities to develop in confidence and independence. Child-centred planning is at the heart of all we do and the focus is always on the outcomes (what we want the child to achieve) before considering the support which is required. We always aim to involve pupils and parents in the planning process.


Working together with all staff, outside agencies and in close collaboration with pupils and their families, we provide support which is additional to and different from what all children are entitled to at FPHS.

Our SEND provision is on a continuum where pupils access different levels of support dependent on their current level of need.

Full formal curriculum: Within this provision, pupils access mainstream provision with support provided in class by TAs where appropriate.

Partially supported curriculum: Within this provision, pupils access the majority of mainstream lessons but have additional access to some or all of the following: sensory support, literacy and numeracy support, support programmes for developing their communication, emotional well-being and independence through some small group work. This access may be through additional sessions either before school or after school with TAs or during some curriculum time.

Highly supported curriculum: Within this provision pupils are withdrawn for some of the mainstream curriculum for work around behaviour and emotions or intensive phonics and numeracy strategies.

Supplementary curriculum: Pupils follow a curriculum for a longer period of time which is based within the additional needs provision. They undertake programmes which are tailored specifically to them. This could mean 1-1 or very small group work for a significant proportion of their time. Their access to the mainstream is graduated and built up slowly.


The SEND Team offers:

  • Support before and after school
  • Homework and revision clubs
  • Playground to Podium sporting events
  • Trips
  • Encouragement and support to access all the extra-curricular opportunities on offer at school.