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Design & Technology

Ms J Richmond – Head of Technology

Welcome to Design and Technology. We are made up of five subject areas:  Electronic ProductsEngineeringFood Technology, Product Design, Resistant Materials and Textiles and Mr J Collins is our Head of Design and Technology.

Our vision is for all students to design and make a wide range of high quality products to suit the needs of a diverse range of users, using a variety of material areas including woods, metals, plastics, textiles, food, electronics and graphics. In doing so they will improve their abilities to work both independently and as part of a team, and will develop their problem-solving skills. They will demonstrate that they can work safely with a wide range of equipment that includes our cutting-edge CAD/CAM facilities in addition to the more traditional hand tools and machines. The design contexts given to students will provide them with opportunities to widen their social, moral and cultural understanding of the world and throughout, students will gain an understanding of environmental issues and how designers, technologists and engineers will play a vital role in the sustainable development of the planet.

During Years 7 and 8 students study Design and Technology on a ‘carousel’ spending approximately 14 weeks in each of these six areas: Electronic Products, Engineering, Food Technology, Product Design, Resistant Materials and Textiles Technology. In each of the six areas students progressively develop their abilities to solve increasingly complex design problems by designing and making useful products and studying related theory, in addition to improving their presentation and design skills.

The Technology faculty offers 6 subjects in Key Stage 4, each leading to a single pass at GCSE with the AQA examination board. Each subject is examined by a Controlled Assessment task – worth 60% of the final GCSE grade and consisting of design and make tasks that the students complete throughout Years 10 and 11 – and an exam at the end of Year 11 which counts for 40% of the GCSE grade. In each of the subjects offered by the faculty students are given a number of smaller design and make tasks during Year 10 to help them develop the skills they require in order to successfully complete their Controlled Assessment.

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