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Digital Designer in Residence 2019

As part of the Digital Designer in Residence Project a group of year 7 pupils worked closely with a designer and film maker from Manchester Metropolitan University. Jennifer, the designer, has previously worked on films which have been aired on the BBC. During this exciting project the pupils got to plan, film and edit their own documentary entitled ‘Perception of Faith in Rochdale.’ The project involved a tour around St Mary Le Baum Church and The Golden Mosque to discover and learn about the features of the places of worship and their uses. We also visited The Whitworth Art Gallery to explore the exhibition ‘Four Corners.’ This is a display of religious artefacts from all around the world. The pupils really enjoyed learning about the various artefacts and interviewing some of the curators about their own perception of faith.

The project also involved a trip to Manchester Metropolitan University where the pupils were given a tour around the Creative Arts Department. Experiencing first-hand what university life is like and giving them an idea of what the different aspects of the creative arts are and whether it might involve a future career for them.

After gathering all of their own footage and photographs of the places of worship and the gallery, the pupils then interviewed each other and members of staff in school, discussing ideas, opinions and perceptions of faith. The pupils gained in confidence when talking about issues of faith and values and developed skills in questioning and presenting their ideas. They then used editing software to build the story they wanted to create for their documentary, selecting sections that fitted in with the theme of the documentary and putting them together to form the overall film.

The project culminated in a second visit to The Whitworth Art Gallery where the celebration event took place. The final full film was shown for the first time. There were a lot of embarrassed and red faces seeing and hearing themselves on the big screen but the pupils were very proud of the finished product and it was testament to all the hard work and effort that they had put into the whole project. The film is now going to be a legacy of all their hard work and effort and showcase the thoughts, opinions and perceptions of faith in Rochdale for years to come.


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