Ms M. Uddin – Subject Lead English

“You learn to write better by reading. You learn to read better by writing. Reading and writing work together to improve your ability to think.”

– English Faculty

Compelling Learning in English
Compelling learning in English will begin with the learner’s own self. They will be encouraged to consider their place in the world and the people they share this world with. It will engage their experiences, their beliefs, their discoveries, their development and will seek to extend and enhance all of these. They will be encouraged and challenged throughout. They will be exposed to texts, ideas, great works of literature and the beauty and power of words – always with a view to them being able to create as well as to appreciate. They will be able to question, discuss, explore, research and develop a wide range of skills to apply in school and in their later life.

Key Stage 4

Our KS4 pupils follow the AQA syllabus for study in English Language and Literature. This course combines the study of reading and writing and speaking and listening. During the course all pupils will be expected to challenge themselves and have high aspirations for attainment. Progress is monitored and all pupils are expected to actively engage with the wide variety of resources which are used to unlock their potential.

Homework at KS4 is used to consolidate learning.

The English Language exam includes:

  • Explorations in creative reading and writing
  • Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives

The English Literature exam includes:

  • Exploring modern texts
  • Poetry across time
  • The significance of Shakespeare and the English literary heritage


The English Faculty and staff provide many extra-curricular experiences: Youth Speaks – a public speaking competition in which our pupils have performed admirably; theatre trips; the Heritage Fair; World Book Day special events; whole school reading sessions of short stories; ‘Who is the Reader?’ competitions; a creative writing club and many hours of extra
support for pupils after school in their studies.