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GCSE Results 2017

Provisional results

GCSE results at Falinge Park High School continue to be good and we are pleased that we have seen some strong performances in individual subject areas. The new benchmark from the government in determining success is the percentage of pupils who achieve Strong Passes in English and Maths – you will hear this as the % who achieve Grade 5. It is hard to compare with previous years as the changes to the GCSEs have been so immense, so we have been advised to think that this is Year Zero. In terms of results if we take the strong passes in E/M as a benchmark, we are around 10% up on the percentage of pupils who achieved B+ last year. Whilst this looks positive, as a school we would like to see how we compare to national figures and how children have developed from their starting points before we say, “We are wonderful!” or “Excellent results!” We won’t know this until the end of October and we will update our website then. We had 243 pupils who achieved qualifications at Falinge in 2017 and we made sure that pupils who joined us in Year 11 were successful too. Every child who was with us in September 2016 sat their exams. We are very proud that every child had the opportunity to fulfil their schooling and do their best.

Many of our children have achieved 8s and 9s in English and Maths and we have a string of A/A* across all subjects. We believe at Falinge Park High School that the headline measures are not as important as the individual progress the pupils make. We are inclusive and vibrant. Every child matters. So, whilst you will see the headline measures for this year as we are statutorily required to do below, what you won’t see are the stories of the individual pupils: pupils who worked extremely hard and achieved 8s in English and Maths with the rest A*; pupils who worked extremely hard and managed to achieve C grades and in all their subjects; pupils who worked extremely hard and managed to achieve E grades because their journey to success is taking a little bit longer than others.

These stories are important and we are waiting to find out if the pupils and parents would be happy to share them on this website. In the meantime, the GCSE results for 2017 are here:

Government measure % of pupils
Students achieving 9-5 grades in English and Maths
Students achieving 9-4 grades in English and Maths
Students achieving 9-5 in English
Students achieving 9-5 in Maths
Attainment 8 41.2
Entered for EBacc 16%
Achieved EBacc 19%

Please remember, when looking at these results, we are looking at the new performance measure from the government.

Link to DfE Performance Tables

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