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Opening Doors; Unlocking Potential

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Opening Doors; Unlocking Potential
It has been an incredibly successfully year at Falinge Park High School with this year’s results showing an improved performance on previous years.  We are an inclusive school which focuses on developing the skills and learning of all of our pupils.  Everyone is valued here and we are incredibly proud of our pupil’s achievements and the staff who have guided them throughout the school.  We truly believe that our “Falinge Park family feel” makes a difference.

Headlines 2016

Category School Results 2016 National Results 2016 School Results 2015 National Results 2015
A*-C % Maths and English 62% 59% 51% 56%
Attainment 8 47.83 48.4 46.93 47.4
Progress 8 0.03 0.0 0.19 0.0
Percentage of pupils achieving the Ebacc 26% 23% 26% 23%
Percentage of A*-A grades 14% 12% 21%
Percentage of pupils achieving 1 x A*-A grades 36% 35%
Percentage of pupils achieving  5 x A*-A grades 13% 8%

The school has significantly improved in the proportion of pupils achieving A*-C in English and Maths with an increase from 51% to 62% and now places the school above the national average for all schools at 59%.  There have also been improvements in pupil attainment across the curriculum with Attainment 8 (see glossary) increasing from 46.93 to 47.83.  This demonstrates a stabilisation of the attainment GAP between the school and the national average.  The school adds value to the pupils in our care, with pupils across the curriculum making better than expected progress from their starting points.  This can be seen with our Progress 8 (see glossary) score which has remained positive at 0.03.  This is further supported by the progress that our disadvantaged students make which is 0.05.  This shows that our disadvantaged students are making more progress than all students nationally and therefore are narrowing the GAP in performance.

The school is inclusive by nature and tailors the curriculum offer to suit the needs and ambitions of all the pupils in our care.  We are proud then that our Percentage of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate (see glossary) has increased to 26.4% which is above the 2016 national figure of 23%.  This demonstrates that although the school’s primary focus is not to offer solely an academic curriculum for all pupils we are successful in this area compared to the national picture.  Due to our commitment to maximise the potential of all of our pupils, one key focus for last year was improving the proportion of pupils achieving the top grades of A*-A.  We have seen improvements in this key measure with the proportion of A*-A grades increasing as well as the proportion of pupils achieving both 1 A*-A and 5 A*-A.

What makes Falinge Park High School unique?
Our individualised and tailored support, curriculum and interventions ensure that all of our cohorts can achieve their potential.  We believe that relationships are key to the success of our school.  We work hard to develop these with our pupils in our learnt, hidden and assessed curriculum (please see details in our curriculum policy on the website).  We have seen particular success in the work that has taken place to reduce gaps in performance across the school.

As mentioned above we have made strides to close the performance gap between disadvantaged pupils and non-disadvantaged pupils nationally.  This is a national issue which the school focus on through the targeted implementation and evaluation of pupil premium funding (please see our website for further details).

Another key strength this year is the reduction in the performance gap related to gender. In our school the gap between the performance of males and females has reduced which bucks the national trend.

Finally we are incredibly proud of our “unseen voices project” which has helped to motivate, engage and inspire a group of males to maximise their potential in academic studies while at the same time developing them as young men who will now engage as active citizens of society.

Glossary of Key terms
Attainments 8 – pupils overall performance in 8 subjects including Maths and English, a combination of 3 subjects from either Computer Science, languages, Humanities or Science, and 3 other subjects including performing arts, DT, PE and any of the other subjects previous mentioned that have not already be counted.

Progress 8 – a comparison of the pupils achievement in the 8 subjects mentioned previously compared with their KS2 starting point.

English Baccalaureate – Ebacc – The Ebacc is a qualification that is made up from success in a series of other qualifications. In order to achieve the English Baccalaureate pupils must attain a C grade or above in English, Maths, 2 Sciences, a Humanity subject and a Language.

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