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Friends of Falinge – The My FPHS Challenge

Friends of Falinge – My FPHS Challenge

Were you once a member of the Falinge family?  Do you have family members who once attended our school?  Do you know anyone who could be part of our alumni?  If so, we need you!

The current Year 10 My FPHS challenge is to make contact with friends and family who attended Falinge Park and find out what they did after they left.  Once we have this information we will create a database so that we can use this to identify ex-pupils who might come in and talk to our young people about what they are doing now and any challenges that they faced.   We feel that asking people from our community to talk to our pupils will help to motivate them to do well and show them that people from our school go on to do great things, have jobs that they might not even have imagined, or overcome challenges.

We are really keen to hear your stories and to share these with our pupils.  How you overcame challenges, the successes that you have had and also to celebrate all achievements.


Our Year 10 pupils will be asking you to contribute and their challenge is to find as many people as possible.  Please help them by sharing your stories and becoming part of the FPHS ALUMNI!


If you would like to know more about this or feel that you can contribute please contact any of the following staff: Mrs O’Reilly, Miss Thompson or Mrs Facchinello. Please email office@falingepark.com for any enquiries.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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