Head’s Welcome

It is really hard to be able to encapsulate the feeling of our Falinge Family in a short written piece on the front of the website. So, I begin this with an apology – that what I write here is only a snapshot of who we are – and what we can be.

I joined Falinge as the Head in 2015 and had one objective which has not changed, “To Create a Compelling Learning Experience.” We focused on improving learning in those initial years and ensuring the highest quality professional learning for our staff and we are very proud that we have been awarded the highest status of professional learning by the Teacher Development Trust. We’ve built a compelling school together through being open, honest and transparent – we get things wrong sometimes, but when we do, we admit it and make change. During Covid we have really strengthened our partnerships with parents, families and the community and are proud to have developed a Community Wing of the school working together with charitable and voluntary organisations to provide a wide variety of opportunities and support for our pupils and our wider family. We value the Arts and creative opportunities as much as the academic outcomes and we are equally as proud of the child who overcomes significant difficulties and challenges to succeed through school as we are the child who goes onto achieve a string of excellent qualifications. We have high expectations of behaviour but allow for the unique individuality to thrive and we aim to draw it out of all our children.

Our school has excellent facilities but a school is more than a building – it is the people within it who make the place. Our pupils and our staff make Falinge what it is. If you were to visit then you would hopefully find it a warm, welcoming environment where we work hard but are not afraid to make mistakes. Our Compelling Learning objective outlines our approach and is underpinned by our four key values of ensuring equity; building community; strengthening communication; and celebrating diversity.

Compelling Learning is: engrossing, irresistible and creative. It is like a book you can’t put down. It is gripping, riveting, enthralling, absorbing and thrilling. It is characterised by curiosity, relevance and rigour.

Those involved work collaboratively in a positive environment. We are given the opportunity to express opinions and learn in a respectful, curious and reflective manner. We are encouraged to take calculated risks to improve learning in an environment where we are trusted and valued.

We are persistent in our learning – even when it is difficult. We know we will be given the techniques to improve.

Our learning is supported and scaffolded but not so much that it holds us back. We are recognised as individuals. Our learning takes account of where we are, where we want to be and what we need to do to get there. We celebrate diversity and promote equality of opportunity in our approach to learning. Our sense of agency, commitment to excellence and the language we use unlocks our individual and collective potential.

I love working at our school and I love working in Rochdale. We are so proud of who we are, where we have come from and what we can be. If you are interested in our school, either as a parent, child, applying for a job or just out of curiosity, please do get in touch.

Janice Allen