Health & Social Care

Ms F. Younge – Subject Lead Vocational


The course is organised into 3 Components. Component 1 and 2 are internal assessed and will each consist of two assignments.

Concepts studied in Component 1 include:

●     Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social development across the life stages.
●     Factors affecting development.
●     How life events can impact on the development of individuals.
●     How formal and informal support can help a person through a life event.

Concepts studied in Component 2 include:

●     Needs of individuals.
●     Understanding different Health and Social Care services and how they help to meet the needs of the service user.
●     Barriers that affect an individual’s ability to access Health and Social Care Service.
●     Care values and why they are essential for any professional working in Health and Social Care.
●     Demonstrating care values.

Component 3 is an externally assessed unit which is completed through a 2 hour examination.

Concepts studied in Component 3 include:

●     Factors affecting health and wellbeing.
●     How to measure health and wellbeing.
●     Interpreting real life date in relation to the health and wellbeing of an individual.
●     Planning and implementing a health and wellbeing plan for an individual.

Cultural Experiences

Pupils will be encouraged to watch TV documentaries such as The Secret life of 4,5 and 6 year olds, 24 hours in A &E and GP’s: behind closed doors. All of the TV programmes suggested will support pupils learning throughout the 3 Components and help to demonstrate a range of Health and Social Care concepts.

Pupils will have the opportunity to research and create their own hospital which allows them to become more knowledgeable about a range of professions within the National Health Service.

During lessons, pupils will be able to measure aspects of their own health by using real life equipment used by some Health and Social Care services.

Finally pupils will be able to plan and implement a creative and therapeutic activity to a group of pupils. They will be involved in the process by planning, arranging equipment and delivering the activity in order to demonstrate a range of care values.

Curriculum Map

Expert Assessment Summary