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Healthy Schools Awards

Falinge Park High School is proud to achieve both the Healthy schools status and the Enhanced Healthy schools status awarded by Rochdale healthy schools team.

We successfully achieved our awards through a consistent and comprehensive approach to health promotion within school including fitness and nutrition.  Our PSHE curriculum, PE department, Health and social care, Science, food technology, Pastoral support and professional catering team all contribute to our holistic approach to health, fitness and wellbeing throughout the school.

Collaborative working between our PE department and the University of Bradford conducted a study at the start of 2017. By observing the eating habits of 358 pupils across year groups 7, 8, 9 and 10 we determined trends and areas to improve and develop.  Using this information further the PE department created the ‘Friday Fit Club’ running on a weekly basis throughout 2017. The sessions were organised and developed by our Healthy schools lead and Head of PE Mr McDowell together with Miss Najib.

Sessions focused on:

  • The physical benefits of being active.
  • The mental benefits of being active.
  • How being active can improve school studies.
  • Understanding the importance of having a healthy diet.
  • Food groups and the eat-well plate.
  • Eating habits and the consequences.
  • Sugar and why to consume it in moderation.
  • Making the right diet choices.
  • The importance of hydration.
  • The 5 ways to well-being.

The ‘Friday Fit Club’ progressed from pupil participation in physical fitness and a theory approach to health by initiating discussions with Mr Iannelli, the school’s Catering Manager on how improvements could be made to nutrition and food for fuelling the body to develop, learn and grow.  This led to free fruit being available during ‘Healthy Eating Week’ 2017 which proved so popular it has been introduced as ‘Fruity Fridays’.   These feature on the last Friday of each month offering a wide selection of fresh fruit to all students at break time. Discussions with the ‘Friday Fit club’ group also developed improvements to school lunch menus, with the introduction of pupil friendly nutritional guides, colour coded content and easy to read signage and format. These displays stand beside each of the dinner queues and on the school website.

A week of ‘Health’ assemblies in July acknowledged the work the staff and pupils had done. The morning assemblies highlighted to the whole school the importance of the various topics which the ‘Fit Club’ group had covered.

Through the continued support in this area FPHS was awarded ‘Healthy School Status’ and ‘Enhanced Healthy School Status’ certification from Rochdale Healthy schools team and we look forward to continuing our commitment to health, nutrition, fitness and well-being.



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