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Helping Our Local Community at FPHS

Following concerns raised by pupils, members of the local community and staff, linked to the mud and litter on the pathway alongside Falinge Road, a group of pupils from Falinge Park High School were set the challenge of offering support.  Several pupils from the school took initiative and responded by clearing the pathway and the litter as a group.

This was lead by Suliman Mahmood Y8 who organised the cleaning teams and equipment. The pupils spent several hours clearing and cleaning the pathway of mud and rubbish to support not only the other students who use the path on their commute to school but also the wider community who also use the path.  They have also written a collaborative letter to the council regarding a long term solution to prevent this from happening again.

Quote from Suliman Mahmood Y8
“I felt happy doing something good for our community. It shows people we actually care and it makes our school environment nicer.  It was a great moment for the students involved who worked as a team.  It was also good to changes some peoples image of us. Every single person who walked past us had a smile on their face when they looked at us so that put a smile on my face and it was great to lead something like that.”

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