Holocaust Beacon school 19/20

Falinge Park High School is a Holocaust Beacon school 19/20

Falinge Park High School is thrilled to have been named a Holocaust Beacon School through the University College London’s Centre for Holocaust education. This status is only awarded to a select number of schools each year, to schools that have shown dedication to the development of Holocaust education.

This very prestigious programme sees the UCL collaborate and receive funding from the Pears Foundation and the Department for Education (DfE). The UCLs approach to Holocaust education is fully embedded in a research focused approach.

Falinge Park High Schools role as a Beacon School is to become a dynamic hub serving a network of local schools. Partnering with the centre to improve the quality of Holocaust education. Lead teacher Mrs Fox-Walker has already attended a residential programme at UCL, collaboratively working with Holocaust education experts to develop pedagogy and access a range of resources. Falinge Park was also able to bring a CPD day to Rochdale in December, this event was well attended by teachers in the surrounding area.

We will continue to ensure that Holocaust education remains a priority at Falinge Park High School. Mrs Fox-Walker will be developing a scheme of learning for the History department with UCL support which can then be shared with schools across our community of schools. Falinge Park RE department and across tutor time we will also be committed to follow the centres research led approach to delivering high quality Holocaust education. We will continue to update you as we continue with this exciting programme.

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