Holocaust Memorial Day 2020

On Monday 27th January Falinge Park High School took part in commemorations for Holocaust Memorial Day. Year 8 were taken off timetable all day and instead took part in Holocaust Memorial Day activities. The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2020 was ‘stand together’.

To start the day we were very privileged to have guest speaker Sam Nuemann give pupils a brief background to the Holocaust, share his personal experience and tell us the story of his mother Bobby who was a survivor of the Holocaust. We have been lucky enough to have Sam visit for a number of years, pupils regularly pick out Bobby’s story as the part of the day which has had the most impact on them. Pupils asked some brilliant questions and were engaged throughout.

During period 2 pupils were shown the 10 stages of genocide and were able to think about how Bobby’s story illustrated these signs. Pupils were asked to think about how we can look for the signs of genocide and take early action to ensure the later stages are not reached.

Year 10 and 11 Holocaust Youth Champions took over the learning during period 3 and were able to share with year 8 two stories of genocide survivors. Pupils were guided through the stories of Renee Bornstein and Sokphal Din, throughout the day we have tried to ensure that learning has been survivor and victim led.

We were able to combine the work we have been completing during tutor time with our learning about the Holocaust and Genocide and thinking about ‘ripples of hope’. Year 8 were encouraged to think about how we could ‘stand together’ with victims of genocide and also of persecution today. Thinking about the small acts that would make a difference to people’s lives.

To end the day year 8 took part in an act of remembrance and created an image of the Holocaust Memorial Flame as a collective, during this time pupils were asked to reflect on the learning that they had taken part in. The victims and survivors of the Holocaust and other genocides and what we can do to try to stand together.

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