How were your Centre Assessed Grades determined?

For a visual guide of how your results were calculated and moderated please click on the following links:

OFQUAL Video – Grading for GCSEs 2020 student guide
OFQUAL Video – How were your results calculated and standardised?
Fact Sheet – Awarding of GCSEs results 2020

The first part of each of the videos is still accurate however with the announcement by OFQUAL and the Government on 17/08/2020 the national standardisation process using the algorithm is no longer relevant where a student has been assigned their centre assessed grade.

Centre Assessed Grades – In school process

The Centre Assessed Grades that the school determined were our best assessment of what students would have achieved if they had taken their GCSE exams in summer 2020. We can reassure you that all teachers at Falinge Park High School approached the task of determining grades with the utmost diligence, and followed a rigorous and robust internal moderation process in line with process and procedures identified by the Government and OFQUAL. This meant that the Centre Assessed Grades were a fair and accurate reflection of the potential performance of each student.