Ms M. Fitzpatrick – Subject Lead Citizenship/PSHE

Compelling Learning in Citizenship

Our aim in Citizenship is to empower. Empower students to feel they have a legitimate stake in society, empower them to succinctly express their opinions and empower them to become active, engaged citizens. Citizenship is not about creating a model citizen but a citizen who questions, take responsibility and engages in debates. We aim to create critical students who question the information their given and will be intrinsically motivated to take informed action to create a change. Citizenship should be topical, sometimes controversial but most importantly interactive. It should be built to inform and encourage them to engage in discussion and debate of the issues. We allow students to build their understanding of our main ideas of democracy, justice, advocacy and representation.


GCSE is now offered at Edexcel In GCSE Citizenship Studies pupils are able to experience and interact with the world around them Our GCSE gives pupils the opportunity to learn about power, democracy, the operation of government and the legal system and the role of the UK in the wider world. Pupils will be given as many real world experiences as possible.  Pupils will also experience taking citizenship action and learn from trying to make a difference themselves.

Year 10 GCSE Citizenship Studies Edexcel

The GCSE is split into five main themes. The first three are covered this year are Theme A: Living together in the UK, Theme B: Democracy at work in the UK and Theme C: Law and Justice.

Year 11 GCSE Citizenship Studies Edexcel

The final themes are covered here which includes an active Citizenship element which pupils must carry out primary and secondary research, raise awareness about an issue of their choice and evaluate their effectiveness. The final themes covered in Year 11 are Theme D: Power and Influence and Theme E: Taking Citizenship Action.

GCSE Citizenship Studies involves 2 examinations each lasting 1hr 45mins to be taken at the end of Y11. As part of the course you will plan a course of informed action to address society. The investigation will be assessed through a set of questions in Paper 2 Section A.

Cultural Experiences


We are developing a number of enrichment activities within Citizenship. We want pupils to be able to engage with guest speakers and to engage them in a dialogue of change. There will be a number of opportunities for pupils to go out in the community in pupil-lead campaigns to make a change in the community. This has included a session with their local MP and trips to Tameside Magistrates Court.

KS3 Curriculum Map

KS4 Curriculum Map