Mr M. Curley – Subject Lead History (TEMP)

Compelling Learning in History

In History we aim to stimulate and actively engage pupils through delivery of academically challenging enquiries aimed at firing their curiosity and imagination about the past. We support pupils to investigate a range of significant historical events, individuals and issues, in order to develop an understanding of their impact on today’s societies. Through these, we seek to encourage pupils to be independent and reflective learners, capable of forming balanced arguments and reasoned judgements.

Overall, we want to inspire pupils to become creative and critical thinkers who are eager to explore, question and communicate their views, ideas and learning.


Key Stage 4
Our KS4 pupils follow the Edexcel History 1-9 GCSE, this course allows pupils to extend and develop their knowledge and understanding of specified events, periods and societies in local, British and wider world history. Pupils will learn using thematic, period and depth studies and have the opportunity to study a historical environment.

Year 10
Early Elizabethan England, 1558- 1588

Crime and Punishment in Britain, c1000- Present and Whitechapel, c1870- c1900: crime, policing and the inner city.

Year 11
Superpower relations and the Cold War, 1941-91

Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918- 1939

Cultural Experiences


We feel passionately, that good history requires pupils to experience history ‘around us’ and to have the opportunity to participate in activities both within and outside of the classroom that makes history more relevant. Further we aim to enrich the cultural and social experiences of pupils within a historical context and to provide additional support for success in external exams.

Pupils will have access to a range of extra-curricular activities, at key stage 3 we run a weekly history club allowing pupils to explore the more interesting aspects of a number of time periods. To support their investigations of the Civil War pupils will have the opportunity to visit Skipton Castle. We are also aiming to build links with a number of local historic organisations and locations to ensure we have a strong link to our own heritage. Key Stage 4 pupils will also have the opportunity to further their study of the historic environment visit Whitechapel and complete the Jack the Ripper trail.

KS3 Curriculum Map

KS4 Curriculum Map