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FPHS and e-safety

As part of the school’s e-safety policy, we’d like to tell you what we do to protect your child when they go online in school and to reassure you that we take e-safety seriously at Falinge Park High School.

As well as having software in place, all students are given e-safety advice and training in school.

We have also set up a quick and easy way for students to report abuse in school.

All computers will have this icon in the Start Menu, and if they suspect there’s a problem they can click the icon and safely and securely report it to a member of staff.

If you have any worries regarding e-safety issues then please feel free to contact the school.

There are several websites which offer very good help and advice when surfing the internet for students of all ages. We have listed a few of the ones we think are the most useful below.

360 Degree Accreditation and e-safety

On Monday 16th March 2015 the school was assessed for an e-safety award called 360 degrees. As the name suggests, it requires us to evaluate our e-safety practice in the round. This was very time consuming as we had to be able to evidence everything we said we did and then rate how well we do it and what more needs to be done. After questioning members of staff, students and governors, the outcome is that we have been awarded 360 Degree certification!

We had many strengths in all the important areas, some of which are set out below. 

  • Pupil involvement – they feel very involved, they have chances to help each other, they feel listened to, they know we take these issues seriously and they feel safe as a result.
  • They thought our students were wonderful and commented on what a great ethos we have in the school.
  • Curriculum coverage is good – we are delivering E-Safety in lots of different ways.
  • There is leadership at all levels.
  • They felt that e-safety permeates the school.
  • They were very complimentary about the way we deal with incidents because we take them seriously but we are proportionate in the way we decide what needs dealing with.
  • They also thought we often went beyond the norm in the way we deal with issues arising from outside school.

The full report can be downloaded here. 

We are the first school in Rochdale to achieve this accreditation!

There are several websites for students of all ages which offer very good help and advice when surfing the internet. We have listed a few of the ones we think are the most useful below.


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