Lunchtime Menus

Break Times

A selection of free fruit and bottled water is available for all pupils.

Lunch Times

A choice of two daily hot main meals, a selection of freshly prepared sandwiches, pasta salad pots and a wide selection of fruit, yogurts and wrapped cakes are available daily. With a choice of water, apple juice or orange juice.

All food is prepared on site by our catering team taking into consideration special dietary requirements and religious views.

Lunch Time Menus 


Lunch Times During COVID 19

We have had to change how we serve the pupils due to COVID-19 restrictions and as a result this has meant we have had to remove the self-service salad bar and the provision of toast at break time.

Pupils receive their school meal without mixing with those outside their year groups. This is achieved through staggered service times and socially distanced seating.

All catering staff wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and maintained social distancing in the kitchen and servery areas.

Lunchtime supervisors and cleaning staff provide enhanced hygiene procedures within the dining spaces.