Falinge Park High School

Opening Doors; Unlocking Potential

It is with heavy hearts that we are on our return journey home. We have really enjoyed our time on the Ecopreneurship project. The group has developed from a series of individuals to a team who is supportive and caring of each other. We have each grown in so many ways.

Each person has developed their team building skills and their ability to work with others. Learning to communicate and to be tolerant of other people whilst listening and being respectful of their opinions. Encouraging each other to become more confident in a variety of ways and developing new life skills. Both Mrs Wystawnoha and Mrs Maylett  are extremely proud of the FPHS pupils of this trip and would like to take this opportunity to share some of their most memorable moments.

Aakif has worked well with others and always been willing to participate which was demonstrated with his expertise in the debate. Hannah has been developing her communication skills by speaking with a variety of young people from each of the participating countries. Aliesha has developed her public speaking and confidence, watching her haggling in the bazaar and leading the tongue twister sections has been a delight to see. Wajahat has been willing to lead activities and speak with a variety of other participants. Iman K has often taken the lead in debates and has taken advantage of the opportunity to work with others, she also takes brilliant pictures. Kayleigh has had a transformation from a reserved and often quiet member of the team, to being someone who leads feedback in front of 60 people on her own with confidence and maturity. Iman Z may have had the biggest journey from being petrified of being within 100m of a dog or cat to being able to stroke one yesterday. All of our pupils have worked as a team and the other group leaders have also commented on how well behaved they have been and how much they have grown in confidence.

We are sorry to be leaving but are looking forward to the next projects blogs and the progress that they will make .

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