Falinge Park High School

Opening Doors; Unlocking Potential

Today we struggled to wake up, we have enjoyed ourselves so much that we have taken every opportunity that has been offered and now we don’t want to leave.

This morning’s session we evaluated the events from this project. It was great to see what each other thought and how the participants shared their fears of only having to communicate in English which is not their mother tongue. We discussed why informal learning can help to provide us with the skills for the future. We have learnt and demonstrated how to work as a team, how to use numeracy skills in different ways, interesting conversations with different cultures, how we present our information and how we can work as a team. Kayleigh spoke confidently in front of the group to give her feedback. It was clear to see that she had improved her public speaking skills and her ability to work as part of a group throughout the week.
It was great to hear how each group had loved learning from each other and shared their cultural heritage. We finished the session by hearing this feedback ‘we have learnt that it doesn’t matter what cultural background or religion you are, we are all the same inside‘.

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