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MFL Vocab Express Global Challenge

During half-term, language students at Falinge Park High School took part in the Global Vocab Express Challenge. Vocab Express is a website with the aim to help students to learn vocabulary more effectively. It helps them to improve their memory skills and to retain crucial vocabulary in the language they are learning.

The Challenge was an international, inter-school competition that ran from Monday 6th March to Sunday 12th March.

The students had to log in and complete as many units of vocabulary as possible during that week, in order to accumulate points and compete with other schools.

Although Falinge Park High School was not in the top 20 schools for this challenge, the students really enjoyed the competition and produced some fantastic results. We are proud to announce that for French, our winners were Layla Barrett in first position with an impressive 9305 points, followed by Georgia Barrett with 8205 points and Sharnadiya Das with 1300 points. For Spanish, our winner was Jacob Whatmough with 1770 points.

Congratulations to our winners for all their efforts during the competition!

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