MyFPHS Weekly Challenges

MyFPHS Challenge 2021 Challenge 3 – 01/03/21 – 22/02/2021

We were delighted with the responses for Challenge 2. You produced poems, sketches and showed evidence of acts of kindness in action. You showed us that little considerations for others can transform the way they feel and you reminded us just how kind many of our students are at FPHS!

The third challenge wants you to share a skill that you have that could help other people get through Lockdown and beyond. We want you to produce a video, audio guide or a step by step guide to teach someone something new or help them in some way. We want you to be creative in your form of presentation but consider the knowledge you wish to share and check its accuracy or relevance before you create. We want information rich pieces that help us learn new skills for life.

It might involve helping others out, a skill we might need for the future, a craft or a skill for self care.

Don’t forget to email your Challenge 3 pieces to us at myfphs@falingepark.com

MyFPHS Challenge 2021 Challenge 2 – 08/02/2021 – 22/02/2021

We were delighted with the responses for Challenge 1. You produced poems, sketches, paintings, videos and observational writing. You really gave us something to think about when we look out of our windows and gaze on the world.

The second challenge wants you to consider the importance of social connection and how we help each other through a time of challenge through our relationships with each other. How can we show kindness or empathy to combat the loneliness of others? How do we express thanks and gratitude to those workers taking care of us all? How do we offer friendship and support friends, family, neighbours, members of our school and our community? How do we remind each other of our collective responsibilities, such as ‘hands, face, space’ or staying at home or wearing a mask?

We want you to create an artwork or written piece that reflects your thoughts and feelings about the importance of social connection. Will it be a creative response to someone who has helped you or will you send a message to others to help them see how important or meaningful they are to you every day? We want to see what you produce.

Don’t forget to email your Challenge 2 pieces to us at myfphs@falingepark.com

MyFPHS Challenge 2021 Challenge 1 – 22/01/2021 – 8/02/2021

During this lockdown we want to stay connected, beat the boredom and develop your skills! From January until March there will be six MyFPHS Lockdown Challenges. Every fortnight your tutor will share the challenge and how you can get involved!

This challenge asks you to look and think a little deeper at the world around you, to examine untold stories and the worlds beyond your window. We want you to be curious and to observe the daily routines and everyday objects you might have seen or dismissed every day for years.

When you look out of a window at home, what do you see? What interesting things have you observed during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 that you have previously never observed or thought about because of your busy life?