School Noticeboard, 30th April 2016

Thank you to all the students who joined us for our ‘Caveman Camp’ last weekend, braving the cold weather and survival situations to enjoy a busy and action packed Friday evening and Saturday morning event. Students enjoyed shelter building, caveman cooking, a tribal drum workshop, physical skills and games session and a ghostly storytelling session. Thanks to all the students and primary staff who attended and thanks also to Mr Lancaster, Mr Cloran, Ms Wystawnoha and Mr Ingham. Photos from the session are available to view on our school website.

Well done to all our students who participated in the ‘Remix’ Music show that took place this week. Students from across the years performed a range of pieces drawn from a variety of musical genres, as wide ranging as classical to jazz and contemporary pop. The audience were impressed by the talent on display. Many thanks to all the families who came along and supported the event and thanks also to Ms Williams, Mr Lancaster and Mr Ahmed.

Tickets for our forthoming Dance Show, titled ‘Back2Back’ are available from the school and the CEPA Office at lunchtimes, breaktimes and after school. Tickets are priced £4.00 (No Concessions). The show takes place on Monday the 23rd of May 2016 from 6.00pm until 8.00pm. Refreshments will be served.

Tickets for our three interlinked drama performances, ‘Scar of the Sabretooth’, ‘Dig 1916’ and Dig 2016’ are available to buy from school or the CEPA Office. The show takes place in school on Friday the 10th of June from 5.00pm until 6.30pm and then again at our special ‘Earthworks Project’ Showcase on Sunday the 19th of June at the Manchester People’s Museum. Tickets for the show in school cost £3.50 (No Concessions) and refreshments are served.

Our Arts and Mediterranean Night takes place on Wednesday 6th of July 2016 from 6.00pm until 8.00pm and the evening features a family quiz, themed entertainment and Greek, Spanish and Italian cuisine. Tickets cost £6.00 per person (including food and entry) and vegetarian options are available. Tickets are available in advance only and places are limited. Tickets can be bought directly from school or from the CEPA Office at breaktimes, lunchtimes or after school. See Mr De Courcey or Mr Mvula.

Well done to the students who came along to the ‘Picnic at The Stones’ visit to the Lake District this weekend. The students visited a range of prehistoric sites and took part in an outdoor art workshop. Images of the visit will be available to view on our school website shortly.

Our Digital Designer in Residence met with Ms Rogerson again this week to continue our work for students in Year 8. The project will lead to a large mural that is to be on display in our school reception before the end of the academic year. For more details about the project, please contact Mr Rogerson.

Our Year 7 CALL Liverpool Visits take place on Thursday the 12th and Friday the 13th of May 2016 for the two Year cohorts. It is hoped that all students can attend. The visit involves a trip to the National Maritime Museum and International Museum of Slavery, the Museum of Liverpool and the Liverpool World Museum. Details of the visit are issued with the student letter. Replies and monies should be returned to the CEPA office as soon as possible. For more details, please contact Mr De Courcey.

The Science, ICT and Technology departments have been working together on a wide range of activities including Tinkology, robotics and coding talk and Science busking are just examples of a few of the activities that have taken place. As a result of our work, the school has now been accredited with STEM embedded status from STEMNET. This is in recognition that the school values the importance of STEM and provide students with a variety of opportunities in lessons and through extra-curricular opportunities to engage with STEM realise its relevance and learn more about careers.

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