School Noticeboard 6th May 2017

Year 7 Parents’ Evening is on Thursday 18th May 2017 from 3.15pm to 6.30pm. Appointments can be made online or  telephone (01706) 515872 if you need further assistance. Details will also be on the School Website.

‘The Recall Project’ Session 4 at The Derby High School, Bury
Our Year 10 students took up the challenge for the final time as they explored the AQA Poetry Anthology using cross arts skills in the fourth session of ‘The Recall Project’. Forty learners from Years 9 and 10 from across four schools in Greater Manchester have completed the project and they are now tasked with writing a self-reflective essay in preparation for leading other learners next academic year. This session proved a great success with movement work to recall specific lines and media production sessions to produce short films. Well done to all students involved for the commitment and high level of engagement throughout. For more details about the project, contact Mr De Courcey.

‘The Big Debate’ Session 2 with Heybrook Year 5 Students
Well done to the FPHS ‘Global Earthworks’ Ambassadors from Year 7 and the Year 5 Heybrook students who successfully held a marketplace debate based around the title ‘What issues face young people in the 21st century?’. The session proved to be a great platform for learners to explore issues surrounding mental and physical wellbeing, poverty and inequality. Learners held paired persuasive talks about the issues in an attempt to get the group to decide which the most important issue was for young people today. The winning debate topic was ‘poverty’ which the learners recognised as a major issue facing young people globally today. Congratulations to all those students involved in the session. For more details about the event, contact Mr De Courcey.

‘Arts for All’ Creative Writing Workshop for Families, Friends and Young People
Families joined us for the first in the Summer term provision of our ‘Arts For All’ events this week on Friday 28th of April 2017. This workshop focussed on creative writing and the value of free writing and writing practice. The session explored the ideas of the American creative writing guru, Natalie Goldberg and introduced the participants to different methods to stimulate creative thinking. The group wrote short poems and redrafted their free writing. Participants promised to continue their work beyond the session and share it with us over the next few weeks; we look forward to seeing some finished pieces. The sessions are open to all; please contact school directly or speak to Mr De Courcey, Mr Wilcock or Mr Ahmed for more details.

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