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Falinge Park High School offers a range of online services for pupils, parents and staff. Access the various services using the links below and you can catch up with any service related news.

We would like to remind all users (staff, students and parents) to conduct themselves safely and responsibly whilst using any of our services.  Please report any issues to school.  Failure to comply may result in your access to these services being withdrawn.

Latest Services Related News

Staff/Student Desktop Anywhere Help

STAFF/STUDENT DESKTOP ANYWHERE 1. What is it? For staff and pupils at Falinge Park High School we have Desktop Anywhere (Citrix) which allows users to log onto our school network and continue to work as though they were logged into a school computer. This provides...

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Schoolcomms Help

View more information in the palm of your hand and you can help the school save money. From time to time, we send information to parents via text message to your mobile phone. A new, free, smartphone app for parents is now available for download called ‘School...

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