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‘The Last Viking’ Critical Thinking and Role-Play Workshop with Year 4 Healey Primary Learners 16.5.17

Well done to Year 4 Healey Primary Students and our Year 7 ‘Global Earthworks’ Ambassadors who came together for a special critical thinking workshop today. The session focused on the Viking colony established in Greenland in the tenth century and learners were asked to solve problems that faced the Viking communities in the harsh environment of Greenland or ‘Groenland’ as it was known by the Norse explorers. The decisions made by the Healey Viking community was recorded by two monks (Year 7 ambassadors) who kept archives of learner choices as four large pieces of visual art. Learners faced terrible storms, starvation, battling local communities and community abandonment with real gusto. Every learner left with a gift of four specially created postcards as a memento of their adventures! Thanks to everyone who entered into the spirit of the session with such energy!

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