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Uniform PE/Gym/Dance Kit & Lost Property

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Dance Kit is now available from Icon Sports Clothing.

You can find the full range of Dance Kit on their website – Icon Sports Clothing


Lost Property

We understand that replacing school uniform and equipment is expensive and so hopefully these guidelines will assist your child in retrieving any items that they misplace in school.

At Falinge Park High School pupils must take responsibility for their own property. When they lose property they should first check the classroom or area where they believe the property was left.  Then they can check the coat rail, and lost property box currently outside Pupil Reception, near to the Pupil Entrance doors.

All items of lost property are firstly checked to see if they are labelled. If they are, they are handed back to their rightful owner. Any items that are not labelled will be placed on the clothes rail, or in the lost property box and be held for four weeks. At the end of this period, all items in lost property will be donated to charity.

If your child loses a PE bag, it will firstly be checked to see if it is labelled. If it isn’t labelled, it will be passed to the PE department. Otherwise, again it will be returned to its rightful owner.

Please remember that there are nearly 1200 students at Falinge Park High School, all wearing the same uniform. We cannot recognise items as belonging to a particular person if they are not labelled. Labelling all items ensures they can returned to its owner via Pupil Reception, thus avoiding distress and a costly replacement.

It would be appreciated if you could ensure that all items of clothing, including school bags and PE bags are clearly labelled. Please use either; your child’s full name, or initial and surname, and where possible include tutor group. E.g. J Jones O1.

If you require further information regarding lost property, please email office@falingepark.com


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