Uniform Q & A


I have attached the uniform requirements which have been in place since September 2014.  I have been asked however to clarify a number of points so there is no confusion in September.

Q.  Can you wear black trainers?

Yes as long as they are not the canvas type such as Adidas Flux, Nike Air, Jordans or Huaraches.  They’ve got to look like a shoe – not a trainer, or canvas.

Q.  Can pupils wear ‘dolly’ shoes?

Only if they are safe.  Ballerina dolly shoes are a health and safety hazard.

Q.  Can pupils wear long skirts?

Pupils cannot wear skirts which trail on the floor as it is a health and safety issue.  Similarly, skirts must not be so short that they look indiscreet.  Pupils need to dress appropriately for school.

Q.  Can pupils wear skinny trousers?

Not if they are of jean material, leggings or cord.

Q. Can pupils wear headscarves?

Of course, as long as they are plain black or white and are worn so that the school tie is still showing.  Pupils will be asked to make sure their headscarf is worn so that we can see their community tie.  No other coloured band or headwear can be showing underneath the headscarf.

Q.  Can pupils have patterns cut into their hair?

Only one straight line by the parting is acceptable.

Q.  Any additional requirements?

Pupils should not wear multi-coloured accessories in their hair.

Q.  What time do pupils have to be in school?

Pupils need to be through the gate by 8.25am.  Any pupil arriving after this time will receive a sanction with Heads of Community and the attendance team.  Continued lateness will result in a fine.

Q.  Why is this so important?

We have a professional responsibility as teachers to uphold high standards so that children are given the best advantage in life.  We want them in the classroom and learning; if we can spend less time on minor issues with uniform and punctuality, then the potential for learning is increased.


A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students and therefore anyone arriving at school in non-uniform may expect to be sent home to change.

Uniform for Boys and Girls

·         Official FPHS black blazer with school badge.

·         Trousers and/or skirt in black (tight trousers, skinny jeans or short/tight skirts are NOT suitable for School).

·         If a belt is worn it must be black with no large buckle.

·         V-neck jumper (NOT cardigan) in plain black or with official logo, or the official sweatshirt with logo.

·         Shirt in white (summer shirt with the official school logo is available from local suppliers).

·         Tie in official school pattern (black with diagonal purple stripes spaced by thin stripes in your community colour).

·         Black shoes of a safe and suitable type for school and its staircases. No canvas or ballerina dolly shoes, boots, high heeled shoes, sandals or pumps. Trainers must be plain black with only small reflective markings.

·         Plain white or black socks (un-patterned) or black or natural coloured tights (un-patterned).

·         For safety NO JEWELLERY should be worn (apart from small ear studs or sleepers, though pupils may be required to remove these for some activities).  A watch is permitted.

·         Make up and extremes of hair colour and style are not suitable for school.  This includes ‘unnatural colours’ such as pink, green etc. and includes symbols and lines shaved into the hair.

·         No denim or cord material is allowed.

This will be regularly monitored via uniform and equipment checklists.

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