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We are the Falinge Family: a school with a heart and soul.

A school where the importance of well-being is always considered.

Mrs O’Reilly

We aim to be a fully inclusive school.

Our core purpose is to secure the best academic and personal outcomes for all pupils and instil a life-long love of learning. This will ensure that all learners believe in themselves and their future, have choices and the power to make them and are able to contribute positively to society.

Empowering all to: Aspire, Thrive, and Achieve





and we do this through


All pupils aspire to high expectations for their personal conduct, behaviour and learning. This begins with the notion that individuals are responsible for their own behaviour and should learn to self-regulate so that they become independent and contribute positively to society. They will be motivated through high levels of challenge both academically and personally. Pupils’ positive attitude will engender an atmosphere which encourages them towards success in every aspect of their school life and beyond.

Pupils are responsible for creating a supportive environment which enables all to thrive. This includes promoting and maintaining positive relationships characterised by mutual respect, trust, cooperation and care. They will be highly motivated to maximise every opportunity to learn and ensure an environment where others can do the same. This starts with ensuring that the classroom and corridors are safe places in which pupils feel confident to express themselves, celebrate the diversity of others and participate fully in school life. Compassion for all will be promoted through tutor time and interpersonal relationships.

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    Falinge Park High School
    Falinge Park High School1 week ago
    Good Luck this week Year 11 as you start your GCSE’s! 📚🖊

    Remember the school day has changed to accommodate your exams, lunch is now at 12pm. Your exam times are 8.30am and 1pm. Please make sure you’ve made arrangements to arrive at school on time and you have all of your equipment to hand including your ATA card.
    Falinge Park High School
    Falinge Park High School2 weeks ago
    You are invited to complete our survey related to your views on attendance and how we can further support you. We really appreciate your honest feedback and time in completing this survey.

    The link to the survey is below: