As a Local Authority school we follow the Local Authority admission policy. The latest admissions policy for Rochdale can be found by clicking here.

In-Year School Transfers

Transferring your child to a new school during the school year is known as an in-year school transfer. In-year school transfers can be submitted for children of school age requiring admission to a new school. There are a number of reasons why you might like your child to move schools during the year. For example, you are new to the country or you are moving to a new area and your child’s current school will be too far to travel to.

How to apply for an in-year school transfer

Admissions to Falinge Park High School are overseen by Rochdale Borough Council. To apply for an in-year school transfer you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Complete an in-year transfer form.
  2. For a looked after child, you will also need to complete a memorandum of understanding as well.  This document provides information that is intended to support the process for enabling a looked after child to have an educational placement as soon as possible and within 20 days for an emergency placement.
  3. Return the completed form(s) to Rochdale Borough Council using the details listed on the form.
  4. Rochdale Borough Council will try to process your application within 10 school days but this may take longer in busy periods.

For more information on the Local Authority admission arrangements and details of how to access the relevant forms, please click on the link below.



Admissions Arrangements for Pupils with Disabilities

As part of our admissions process at Falinge Park High School, we are committed to ensure all prospective pupils have access to the support they need.

If your child has Additional Needs, we encourage you to make note of this in your application. This information will only be used to liaise with our SENDCO to ensure that the correct provision can be offered to your child and explained to you during the admission meeting. We endeavour to arrange a member of our Additional Needs team to be present at the admissions meeting. We follow the same process for pupils who are new to the UK or have early language acquisition by inviting a member of staff from the EAL department.

If your child requires an Individual Healthcare Plan (IHP) or a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) due to medical needs, then this will be completed by the relevant Director of Key Stage who will conduct the meeting. They will liaise with the admin staff to ensure all paperwork and medications are up to date.

In-year fair access

 In the event that Rochdale Borough Council cannot offer your child a place at Falinge Park High School after you have applied for an in-year transfer, they will follow the Fair Access Protocol for Secondary Schools.

The Rochdale Fair Access Protocol applies to all schools.  By clicking the link below you will find the latest protocol that applies to Secondary Schools and secondary age-range academies in the Borough, and covers compulsory school age pupils who:

  • Are unplaced, cannot obtain a school place under the normal In-Year Transfer arrangements and meet one or more of the Hard to Place criteria;
  • Are out of school and identified as “Hard To Place” (HTP);
  • Move as a result of a referral to the Inclusion Panel (Managed Moves); and
  • Are Permanently Excluded.

For further information please follow the link below:
Rochdale Council Fair Access Team